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The original DiNic's at the Reading Terminal Market, winner of the Travel Channel's "Best Sandwich in America"

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Picture of Dinic's earliest days as a butcher shop.

For nearly 100 years, the Nicolosi Family has played an important role in Philadelphia's rich culinary history. In 1918, Gaetano Nicolosi opened a butcher shop in South Philly. He called the shop "Nicolosi's," and it was a true family affair. Gaetano's family lived above the shop, and he raised his five sons Benny, Anthony, Dominic, Felix and Johnny to work alongside him in the family business.

Newspaper clipping of four Nicolosi brothers selling sandwiches out of their shop.

By the 1950's, Gaetano had passed the business on to his sons. For years, "Nicolosi's" had been using a large oven, located in a garage behind the shop, to cook specialty roasts for customers. In 1954, the four brothers had the idea to start selling sandwiches out of that garage. The simple and traditional roast pork and beef sandwiches quickly became neighborhood favorites.

Tommy Nicolosi checking on pork in the oven.

In the early 1970's, Benny's son, Tommy, began a joint venture with his cousin, Franky DiClaudio. The two found a location at 10th & Oregon, joined their names, and in 1977, DiNic's was born. Business was good, and by 1980 the two cousins decided to split. Franky took a location at 10th & Reed, and Tommy moved into the Reading Terminal Market.

Joey Nicolosi sharpening his carving knives.

Tommy DiNic's at the Reading Terminal Market is now in its fourth generation, as Tommy owns and runs the shop with his son, Joey. With a deep respect for the past and an eager eye on the future, Joey has built upon DiNic's lineup of classic Italian sandwiches to include new favorites like the slow-roasted brisket of beef and Italian-style pulled pork.

The Nicolosi's attention to detail, dedication to sourcing quality ingredients and reverence for the slow, everything-from-scratch process of their old-world brethren has landed them huge points with customers, afficionados and the media alike. Following appearances on the Travel Channel's Man vs. Food and Best Sandwich in America, DiNic's roast pork sandwich was crowned the Best Sandwich in America!